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US woman claims neighbor called police over her skimpy clothing

A US woman has claimed that her neighbor called the police in her for “being too hot”.

The woman posted a clip on TikTok, in which she said her neighbor called the police when she was wearing a skimpy outfit. She added that she told the attending officer she’s “allowed to exist and be hot”.

“I’m going to continue to do so,” she is heard telling the officer in the 15-second clip, the new york post reports.

“I am fully dressed,” she continues. “She just doesn’t like my style.”

But the TikToker, who was wearing a crop top, denim shorts, thigh-high boots and spiked collar in the video, believed the issue wasn’t just her clothing.

“I told her, my body offends you and that’s what the issue is,” she said.

“I don’t know what she expects you to do.”

Users were amazed the police actually attended the call-out.

“Seriously? They came? one person asked.

“Yea some people might not like your style but keep that to yourself OK,” another wrote.

The TikToker later claimed the “only reason” the police came was because her neighbor “lied” to them and said she was on their property.

In a follow-up video, the woman revealed exactly what she had been wearing at the time the police were called.

“For the mad people… you do realize people at beaches and etc who wear bikinis wear less than this? But that’s fine?” one commenter said.

This story originally appeared on the New York Post and reproduced with permission


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