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Vandals damage Cumbrian reserves – BirdGuides

Vandals have caused major damage at two Cumbrian nature reserves.

A hide has been broken into and damaged at South Walney, just two weeks after £500 worth of equipment destroyed at nearby Foulney Island.

Vandalism at South Walney Nature Reserve (Cumbria Wildlife Trust).

The reserves are owned by Cumbria Wildlife Trust. Paul Waterhouse, Reserves Officer at the Trust, said: “We’re at a loss to understand why anyone would want to trash them in this way. Cupboards and shelves were smashed, leaving the contents of the display cabinets shattered on the floor, with glass everywhere.

“The door is broken from its hinges and the windows are smashed. It was a real shock to find this when I came into work.”

The displays in the hides were made up artifacts that depict the history of the nature reserve.

Paul added: “This is a terrible act of vandalism. Our bird hides are very popular with visitors, who use them to view the amazing seabirds we have at South Walney, or to catch a glimpse of the Gray Seals that can be seen at high tide.”

To help Cumbria Wildlife Trust repair you can donate at

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