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Video of Bouncy Kitten ‘Being Fierce’ Leaves Internet in Stitches

A bouncy kitten pouncing on a toy delighted the internet, with many users joking that they would be “frightened” if the kitten approached them and others recalling the first time they noticed their kittens trying to hunt.

The anonymous user who goes by u/H_G_Bells posted the adorable clip to Reddit’s “Animals Being Derps” subreddit where it garnered more than 40,000 votes and 250 comments in less than 12 hours.

The 10-second video titled “Kitten practicing bein fierce” shows a kitten that many users compared to Toulouse, the orange furred kitten from Disney’s ‘The Aristocrats.’

The kitten sneaks behind the wall before standing sideways and staring down a cat toy on the floor. The kitten then begins hopping around the floor toward the toy and starts swatting at the toy.

After a quick pause, the kitten pounces on top of the toy and quickly drops it before hopping up and running out of the frame.

Kittens start playing at around three to four weeks old, at which point it is important for the kittens to learn about playing from their mother or siblings.

“A kitten who is separated from their family before two or three months of age may not have learned appropriate play behavior, leading to unwanted nipping,” according to the Humane Society.

Humans can also help teach kittens acceptable play including not using claws and not biting too hard.

Delighted users flocked to the comments section, many joking that they would stand no chance against the bouncy kitten. Some even referred to the small fluff ball as an “apex predator,” another called him a “floof monster.”

“My God, imagine seeing that coming at you. You’d just lose all hope,” one user joked in the comments.

“We wouldn’t stand a chance,” another user replied. “I for one welcome our bouncy overlord. All hail smol potat. Boing boing boing.”

Other users recounted the first time their cats caught something outside.

“I remember when my guy caught a cricket for the first time. He puffed his chest out like a lion and acted like an apex predator for a while,” one user recalled.

“I just learned a few hours ago that cats appear sideways to threats that they want to appear as big as possible to. This is a perfect example of that. Dear Kitty, you are mega!”

According to The Humane Society, it is fairly easy to train a kitten or cat to play gently and to understand not to be overly aggressive.

Experts recommend providing cats and kittens with interactive toys such as a laser pointer or even a simple cardboard box. They also recommend against yelling or hitting a cat for bad behavior. It is more important to train them correct behaviors than punish them for something they cannot fully understand.

Newsweek reached out to u/H_G_Bells but did not receive comment in time for publication.

A bouncy kitten sneaking up and pouncing on a toy left viewers delighted after it was posted to Reddit on Monday evening.
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

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