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Video of dog driving ute shows Jack Russell Lexie helping on south-west Victorian farm

A farm dog small in stature but big on work ethic is proving her worth on a family property where she does more than just round up sheep.

Lexie the Jack Russell has also learned to drive the tracks of her 200-hectare home near Hamilton in south-west Victoria.

Lexie has discovered her love for driving the farm ute and steers to chase sheep.(Supplied: Cam Zschech)

Why? You may ask. Why not, says Cam Zschech, who is Lexie’s best mate.

Mr Zschech, 21, grew up on his dad’s farm.

He works all week in the timber industry then at the farm on weekends.

Three smiling farmers with a jack russell in a wool shed
Cam Zschech holds Lexie with his dad Ian Zschech and girlfriend Chloe Rhook.(Supplied: Cam Zschech)

Armed with a sense of humor dry as stubble, the young man grabs moments of fun in between the long hours of hard work, which is how Lexie got an opportunity in the driver’s seat.

“The other day we were driving along moving some sheep down the laneway, we were just idling along and that was how I learned how to drive,” Mr Zschech said.

A small dog Jack russell up on her hind legs with paws on steering wheel
Lexie loves to take the wheel of the farm ute when chasing sheep.(Supplied)

He says he put in a bit more effort once he realized Lexie wanted to have a crack.

“She’s had a fair few goes since then,” Mr Zschech said.

A jack russell leans on the steering wheel of a tractor.
Lexie at the wheel of a tractor.(Supplied)

To enable Lexie to drive, Mr Zschech puts the ute in first gear and lets it idle along at walking pace, and grabs the wheel or the handbrake when needed if Lexie gets distracted.

“Sometimes she’ll lean forward and has even honked the horn sometimes, she’s a good sheepdog,” Mr Zschech said.

Mr Zschech has previously sent pictures of his rural surroundings to the ABC Local Radio station in south-west Victoria.

Starry Australian sky with purple tinged milky way and silhouette of farmers
Cam Zschech sends pictures such as this image of the Milky Way to the ABC.(Supplied: Cam Zschech)

He says he sent pictures and videos of Lexie to share the laughs and show off the skills of his pint-sized dog, who pulls her weight despite her lack of height.

“She puts in an effort and that’s all we care about really,” Mr Zschech said.

He says there’s plenty of work to do where they grow canola and wheat, with 1,900 cross-bred wees to tend to.

Every family member is expected to pitch in whichever way they can, no matter their size.

Lush green pastures with a saturated sky and rainbow, and one solitary sheep
Bucolic scenes on the Zschech family farm captured by Cam Zschech and shared with the ABC.(Supplied: Cam Zschech)


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