‘Watch your flock’ to avoid bird flu, farmer says

MONTICELLO, Ill. (WCIA) – The first case of the bird flu in Illinois this year has been confirmed. Three wild geese tested positive in Will County.

Experts say it could be circulating among geese. The Department of Natural Resources is asking anyone who owns birds to protect their flocks.

The avian flu has popped up in other states, and it can be deadly for birds. One farmer said his geese are always separated from wild birds – and other farmers should do the same.

“Watch your flock, pay attention. If you’ve got chickens or some other type of poultry in a small flock somewhere, just pay attention, make sure they’re healthy. Make sure they don’t look any different than they did a couple of days ago,” John Caveny said.

If you notice your birds coughing, sneezing or drinking less water… Experts suggest reporting your concerns to the USDA.

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