We try the cozy canalside pub in Bath that welcomes dogs – and does a cracking roast

Tucked away on the River Avon is a gorgeous little pub where you – and your dog – will be welcomed with a smile.

The Locksbrook Inn, in Newbridge, is situated on the Bristol and Bath Railway Path, not far from the Weston Lock.

It’s a perfect place to stop after a cycle ride or during a dog walk – and has a huge tempting beer garden for when the weather finally warms up.

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It’s in a beautiful spot along a little canal that stretches from the river, and the inside is just as lovely as the outside. The restaurant part of the pub is filled with lots of twinkling fairy lights, giving it a romantic feel.

But it’s far from just a place where couples go for a romantic date night. This pub welcomes everyone – it’s super family-friendly and dogs are not only allowed in the bar area of ​​the pub but in the restaurant too – providing they’re well-behaved of course.

The Locksbrook Inn, Bath

We unfortunately don’t have a dog but instead arrived with our one-year-old – a nosy little boy who likes a chat with absolutely everybody and loves to drop food on the floor like it’s a sport.

None of this phased the staff, who immediately brought over a highchair, a kids menu and a glass of wine for this tired-looking mum.

The best thing about the kids menu here is while you’re waiting for your food, they bring over free vegetable sticks for your little one to munch on. Anyone with kids knows how important it is to keep them occupied, preferably in the form of something to eat – so we were all thrilled with this little gesture.

The Locksbrook Inn is set in a beautiful spot
The Locksbrook Inn is set in a beautiful spot

We ordered our little one the kids pizza and chips, while my husband went for a burger. Even though it was late on a Sunday afternoon, the pub was still serving roasts and they looked delicious, so I went for a chicken roast dinner.

While we waited for our food, we fended off flying sticks of carrot and cucumber from our son, who was thoroughly enjoying himself.

We both commented on how comfortable we felt at The Locksbrook – if we were anywhere else his typical toddler behavior might have been a little embarrassing but the pub was full of young families and people with their lovely dogs so it felt very laid back and welcoming.

The chicken roast dinner at The Locksbrook Inn
The chicken roast dinner at The Locksbrook Inn

We would come again, we agreed, and that was even before our food arrived. My roast dinner was lovely – just the right amount of food and cooked to perfection.

I couldn’t stop talking about how nice the gravy was and I made my husband try it several times, just to prove my point.

My husband’s burger was huge, and came with a generous portion of chips on the side, and our little boy’s pizza and chips was also great – a really good-sized portion for a kids meal. Surprisingly, a lot of it ended up actually being eaten instead of being thrown on the floor, so he must have enjoyed it.

My husband went for a burger and was quite impressed with the size of his plate
My husband went for a burger and was quite impressed with the size of his plate

We ate our lovely meals, enjoyed a nice glass of wine and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to the family sat behind us along with the rest of the restaurant. We would have stayed for dessert, but it was getting late and bedtime was fast approaching for our little boy.

The food was great at The Locksbrook, but by far the absolute best thing about it was how welcomed we were made to feel – by both the staff and other customers.

The pub has a really nice feel to it, and is the perfect place to stop after a stroll along the river with the dog, or even if you’re just really in the mood for a roast.

The Locksbrook Inn, Bath
The Locksbrook Inn, Bath

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