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What is the best electric vehicle for dogs?

Your pooch wants you to be happy – and that means getting a Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

Dogs are often described as man’s best friend, but they also enjoy the company of women too, and a cheeky pup will quickly become an integral part of the family. So as you make the switch to electric power it’s important to take the whole family along with you, make sure that everyone is onboard and happy.

Kids will often be supportive of the shift to zero emission family transport because the youngsters are into the environment and that sort of thing. But what about Fido? Is there a wagon out there that will meet the needs of the family pooch?

Sure, we could be all sensible and send you on in the direction of the likes of the Ford Mustang Mach-E – nice big SUV that, and we’ve established that it’s great for motorway driving – or the MG 5 estate and its 464 liters of bootspace. Both of those are available with dog guards from the official accessories catalogues, which sound like you’re provided with a German shepherd to make sure no one takes your car, but is actually a handy barrier that turns your boot into an impromptu cage and prevents your schnauzer from turning into a missile in the unfortunate event of an accident.

But of course any family hound is eager to please, and most dogs just want their owners to be happy. Which is precisely why they would want you to buy yourself a Porsche Taycan as you make the heady leap to electric propulsion. And why you, by way of kindly compromised, would then opt for the Cross Turismo version of the fancy EV to allow plenty of space in the boot.

The Taycan Cross Turismo’s 446-liter boot is barely smaller than the MG 5’s, but think of the improvement in quality of life for everyone involved. The Taycan is that much lower down than a typical electric SUV, making it a lot easier for your dog to get inside, at which point everyone onboard can marvel at the copious space and magnificent performance of the premium German electric estate. And we’ll happily recommend the entry level version, because who needs to get to 62mph faster than 4.8 seconds with the family canine up back?

This is a company that’s clearly very dog ​​friendly, though – stuck for a Christmas present for your pooch? You can bag yourself a collar from the Porsche shop for a cool £42, which has the Porsche logo on the buckle in easily visible format. A nice little stocking filler to go along with the novelty chew toys, and sure to go down gangbusters with the other mutts at doggy day care.

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