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What to do when you are stuck in a COVID-19 test queue

Matt Young, director of the Melbourne Meditation Center, meditating at St Kilda Botanic Gardens on Sunday.Credit:Craig Abraham

Loosen up

“For years I have used meditation whenever I am asked to wait, even if it is just to cross the street.” – Mathew Young, Melbourne Meditation Center

Rather than letting negative feelings of frustration build up, it can help to change your mindset to think of waiting as an opportunity. Mathew Young, director of the Melbourne Meditation Center, says it’s easier to meditate than we think, as it doesn’t require us to sit cross-legged or allot a set amount of time.

Some meditation techniques that can be tried in a car include focusing on a sensory thing, such as breathing, hearing, or touching. Focus on the sound of the music you are listening to, nearby traffic, or even the feel of the wheel. Another activity that Mathew finds helpful is simply asking “where am I unnecessarily tense?” By doing this, a natural release occurs, he says, with his shoulders relaxed and his teeth grinding to a stop. He also recommends guided meditations that invite concentration and mindfulness, which are available online.

DJ Perri Lee

DJ Perri Lee

Get musical

“If I had more time in the day, all I would do is search and find new music.” – Perri Lee, DJ

Opening your ears to new genres and artists is a good way to break the monotony. Melbourne DJ Perri Lee says there are many platforms to find music, with Instagram and TikTok great for finding trendy pop music, while Twitch helps discover smaller local artists where you can also search for your favorite clubs or venues and stream to your resident artists and DJs.

Perri also suggests checking Spotify’s curated playlists and following record labels for people who want to find music similar to what they’re already listening to.

An inspiring artist Perri recommends is Bob Sinclair, who says he’s sure to get people in a good mood while waiting in the car.

Sarah Kinsella, Director of The Decent People

Sarah Kinsella, Director of The Decent People

Be creative

“When we play improv or when we tell stories, it is a great opportunity to be as silly as we can.” Sarah Kinsella, improviser for The Decent People

There are a number of games to play alone or with friends if you love words and storytelling. Sarah Kinsella, an improv fan who regularly conducts corporate improv workshops, recommends Word at a Time as a good group game, if you’re queuing with the family. Each person will take turns saying a word to form a story with the initial word as a verb such as “jump” to get the story started animated.

If you’re waiting alone, then a classic word association game that involves looking out the window and pointing to an object and then saying a series of related words can help fill your mind.


“Between work, family commitments and socialization, reading is done in the stolen hours before sleeping at night, on public transport or if we are lucky, on vacation.” – Diana Johnston, Hill of Content Bookstore

Lose yourself in a new world with a book that will open your mind and let your imagination run wild. Diana Johnston, Hill of Content Bookstore Manager, suggests picking up Little pleasures of real life by Allee Richards. Set in Melbourne, this book is about how the life you have can change in an instant – it’s about friendship, desire, and growing up to accept that all you can do is be in the moment and seek the joys in between.

For a light reading, Diana recommends You and me on vacation by Emily Henry. For a murder mystery that can’t be put aside, she says. The way it is now by Garry Disher is the way to go.

Anna MacDonald and Robert Albazi of Paperback Bookshop also share the bestsellers in their store: Klara and the sun by Kazuo Ishiguro and The cost of living by Deborah Levy. For shorter queues, they recommend The miracle cures of Dr. Aira by C├ęsar Aira, which can be read in an hour.

What do you do to hang out in a queue? Let us know in the comments below!

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