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Where seagulls dare – Trapped bird rescued from Hartlepool fireplace

After flying down the chimney, the frightened bird was in a distressed state and defied attempts to release it by concealing itself on a ledge.

RSPCA Inspector Steph Baines was eventually able to prize the bird out to safety.

But not before the fireplace was taken out and the house’s gas supply disconnected.

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The gulls after it’s three-day ordeal.

The stricken bird is now recovering at a rescue center in Sunderland and it is hoped it will be possible to return him to the wild as soon as possible.

The rescue took place at the home of an elderly woman in the town.

Ms Baines said: “The householder was an 88-year-old lady who is terrified of birds. She’d called out a chimney sweep after she heard him making noises three days before the rescue on March 22.

“When the gas supply was disconnected by an engineer and the fireplace taken out, there was no sign of him.

The fireplace where the bird was trapped.

“I eventually found him behind the fireplace. It had been loosened, so I was able to take it off again and release him.”

The gull was covered in soot and his feathers and feet were scuffed. He also appeared to have a respiratory problem brought on probably by the sooty environment.

She added: “He’s had a lucky escape. Hopefully, with some recovery time he will be fine.

“With Hartlepool being a seaside town we get a lot of gulls nesting on roofs from where they can drop down into the chimneys. Prevention can be better than cure, and capping off chimney pots to stop this happening.”

The RSPCA advises people to call the charity for help and not try and remove birds trapped in chimneys themselves.

In those cases the charity advises householders to open windows and doors in the room and monitor the situation for a couple of hours as the bird may be encouraged to follow the light and make their own escape.

But if the bird remains trapped then call the RSPCA helpline on 0300 1234 999.

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