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Will and Woody apologize to Jo Stanley on-air

Radio hosts Will and Woody dialed up Jo Stanley today to deliver an on-air apology for an incident that occurred a decade ago.

Radio hosts Will McMahon and Woody Whitelaw offered an on-air apology to an ex-colleague during Tuesday afternoon’s episode of their KIIS Network show.

The duo were discussing whether it’s ever too late to offer someone an apology for bad behaviour, when they confessed there was a moment from their own past for which they still needed to make amends.

Will and Woody explained that around a decade ago, they had spent a two-week stint working late nights at Fox FM, sitting in Matt Tilley and Jo Stanley’s seats before they took over for their top-rating morning program The Matt and Jo Show each day

Will revealed that Woody thought it was funny to fart into his microphone – the same mic Stanley would use next when she came in for her morning show.

“It wasn’t out of spite for Jo Stanley or anything! You have to remember that it was two in the morning, we were 21-year-old kids, and there was a reason I used to do it,” he insisted.

The reason? The pair would turn the speakers up and see if the fart could be heard throughout the building.

“But [Jo] was collateral – and I feel like Jo deserves an apology,” said Will.

Stanley was waiting on the line, apparently unaware as to why she was being brought on the show.

“I’m thrilled that you asked me on. I have no idea how many years it’s been,” she told them.

Will reminded Stanley that he and his co-host used to have “free reign” of the empty offices when they filled in hosting the graveyard shift – before leaving it to Woody to finish the story.

“Jo, one thing I once brought up was, ‘I wonder if I pass wind into a microphone, and you’re standing at the other end of the station, if we crank the speakers – will you be able to hear it?’ ” he began.

“Right. So you’re saying you farted into my microphone?” she asked, taking the news remarkably well.

“As you guys were well aware, radio back then was basically founded on fart jokes. I can only acknowledge the brilliance of that to some degree and say, I’m sure there were much worse smells I dealt with in and around that place, figuratively as well as literally.”

“So Jo, is that apology accepted?” Will and Woody asked – although the pair hadn’t actually said sorry.
She confirmed that she “couldn’t care less” and instead thought they were wanting to apologize for having bare feet in the studio back in the day, despite her repeated requests for them to wear shoes.

“We were such d**kheads back then… we were 21. We probably had our bare feet up on the table,” said Will.

“Yep,” said Stanley. And she confessed she probably owed the pair an apology of her own de ella, admitting with a laugh that she and her de ella then co-host “mercilessly persecuted” Will and Woody while they were on the late shift.


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