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Winter weather is not for the Birds | News, Sports, Jobs

E-scooters sit in Hermann Heights park, waiting for warmer weather and renters.

NEW ULM — There is an old saying that a bird needs three snows on its tail before it’s truly spring.

If this applies to the Bird electric scooters that have returned to New Ulm for rental near the Hermann Monument and outside the Chamber of Commerce as of Monday, there are two more snows to go.

The e-scooters were initially released last summer to New Ulm and remained in service throughout the fall. The e-scooters were taken off the street during the winter weather. The 60-degree Monday weather, however, prompted their return.

But Wednesday’s snowfall indicated true spring might not be here yet.

Despite the snow, the Bird scooters are still available for rental. The cost remains $1 to start and 39 cents a minute after.

Scooters may be parked at the user’s final destination. All of the Bird scooters have GPS tracking, so a maintenance crew will collect the scooters and relocate them.

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