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Woman Slammed for Calling Abused Disabled Cat ‘Demonic’

The internet is rallying around a man with its full support after his sister screamed at his abused and disabled cat, calling the feline “demonic.”

The viral Reddit post recounting the situation, titled, “AITA for having a ‘scary’ kitty around children,” has been upvoted 13,500 times since it was shared to the subreddit “Am I the A**hole” on March 20.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, “71 percent of domestic violence victims” said that the abuser “targeted pets” in the household in a survey. In another study, pet abuse happened in 88 percent of households that were “under supervision for physical abuse” in regards to the children living there.

Pawsome Advice reports an animal is abused every minute, and that every year, more than 10 million animals in the US “are abused to death.”

Redditor @throwraepickitty452 revealed the situation to the internet in a short post. The original poster (OP), a 27-year-old man, has a cat named Stargazer whom he adopted about three years ago, adding that “she’s truly a little survivor.”

“She was abused and as a result has no eyes and only three legs,” he said. “Nobody wanted to adopt her because of her deformities, and she’s also a black cat, so I did because she was gonna be euthanized otherwise.”

The OP’s sister moved to his city recently and needed someone to watch her and her husband’s two daughters, which the man obliged. Plus, Stargazer loves children and females especially.

A woman is being slammed online for calling an abused disabled cat “demonic” in a viral Reddit post. Above, a black cat lying down.

His nieces “loved” the cat, and despite them being slightly “scared” at first, they eventually warmed up, thinking the cat was “cute.” When the OP’s sister came to pick up her kids, she rang the bell when Stargazer ran to the door.

The OP revealed that when his sister saw the cat, “she freaked out and started screaming.” He continued: “My cat ran away due to the noise, and my sister started yelling at me that I let my cat around her kids and saying she’s demonic. The next day her husband called and said unless the cat goes, I’ll never have them over again.”

Almost 2,000 comments have come in over the situation, with people fully supporting the Redditor and his cat. Some didn’t hold back with their thoughts on the OP’s sister, either.

A Redditor offered their apologies over the situation. “It sounds like your nieces and Stargazer would’ve enriched each other’s lives. Abused animals can teach us so much if we let them, and your sister is robbing her children of that experience. Shame on her.”

Some didn’t thin words with their harsh criticism. “NTA [not the a**hole],” a user said. “Your sister is an ignorant a**hole. If that’s how they feel, they don’t need to be in your home anymore. Problem solved.”

A user called the OP a “good person” for taking Stargazer in. “Your sister sounds superficial and dramatic,” the Redditor explained. “A grown-**s woman screaming because of a cat and calling her demonic? Come on.”

Another thinks the OP’s sister is the a**hole in the situation. “Imagine what she is like around disabled humans, or what she says about them to others. What a close-minded a**hat.”

Many people didn’t like the woman’s reaction to the feline. Another Redditor thinks her “reaction to a cat who survived the kind of abuse that left her with no eyes and one less leg is disgusting. Your cat isn’t demonic, she’s a survivor.”

One person admitted they actually “hate these people,” admitting they’re “sorry” about it. “These people are absolutely insane,” they expressed. “Never do stuff for them again. If they do not acknowledge how f***ed up their thinking is, I’d really never have them over. Absolutely 0 tolerance towards them, gosh. I’m so infuriated.”

While one Redditor thinks the OP should tell his sister and brother-in-law that if they feel like that, “they can find another babysitter in the future. She came and scared your poor cat, the kids weren’t harmed and learned that all animals deserve love and kindness.”

Newsweek reached out to u/throrowraepickitty452 for comment.

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