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You can now buy a bird feeder that identifies 10,000 species

Bird watchers and animal lovers can now buy a feeder that identifies more than 10,000 different species.

BirdieCamera is a new AI-powered bird feeder with an integrated 2K motion detection camera.

BirdieCamera was conceived due to remote work during the pandemic when the product designer noticed a bird with a unique pattern that was regularly visiting his garden.

From there, the BirdieCamera was developed to help the public learn more about the birds they live next to.

BirdieCamera comes with an app for Android and iOS. Whenever the birds appear, notifications will be sent to the phone for real-time viewing. Users can select the best images and add them to a collection to be shown to other bird lovers through the app.

BirdieCamera uses the surveillance camera with f2.0 large aperture to provide high-resolution images and videos. BirdieCamera uses ultra close focus to set the camera for close focus scenes and its night vision feature ensures clear vision from dawn to dusk.

The semi-enclosed structure of the feeder keeps the birds out of the rain and allows the birds easy access to the feed. The bottom pan helps drain excess water and keeps the bird seed from getting moldy.

“We hope BirdieCamera can encourage people’s connection with the birds that visit their homes. said product designer Bill Lee. “If you didn’t know the nice visitors before, now is your chance to meet them.”

BirdieCamera also helps protect bird species by donating to local bird sanctuaries.

The BirdieCamera is available to pre-order on October 5th for £115 on Indiegogo:

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