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‘Zeke’s Big Mistake’ led to a cat’s best life, better luck for others

A big mistake that landed an upset feline named Zeke behind bars has now become a children’s book that benefits the Glacial Lakes Humane Society.

More than two years ago, Deb Shephard went in to Glacial Lakes Humane Society looking to adopt a new family member. She came across a cat whose kennel was marked with a warning that he had done something terrible. Zeke had bitten a child.

Zeke’s original home had been at a daycare center, and he interacted with children every day. However, a new child at the daycare was curious about Zeke and had grabbed his tail, pulling hard enough that the cat bit the child on the arm.

An animal control officer was called to the scene, and Zeke was taken to the humane society, where he waited for his second chance.

“He had been there for many, many months. So, I took a chance on him and took him home,” said Shephard.

Deb Shephard wrote and self-published Zeke's story to raise money for the Glacial Lakes Humane Society.

After bringing Zeke home, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, changing the traveling plans for Shephard and her husband, Scott. The couple normally would have hired a pet sitter while traveling, but the pandemic forced them to take Zeke along. This gave the feline a chance at adventure.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, we didn’t want anyone inside our home. So, we started taking Zeke in our camper with us,” said Shephard. “His big mistake of biting someone led to his best life.”

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